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Industries Serviced

Metco Industries has a very diversified customer base, which includes, but is not limited to: Automotive, Lawn & Garden, Healthcare, Commercial/Industrial, Recreation Vehicles and more.

Metco Facilities

Metco Industries

Metco Industries is located in St. Marys, Pennsylvania, the "Powdered Metal Capital". Our newly expanded 105,000 square foot facility is designed for efficient lean manufacturing of powdered metal parts.

Pro Process, LLC

Pro Process, LLC, a division of Metco Industries, is located within 500 feet of our main plant. This 21,000 square foot facility is devoted to the machining of quality P/M parts. This adds internal machining capabilities for those parts that require it, and results in better control of schedules and quality to meet customer requirements.


Raw Material Processing

Our powder area contains four blenders of various sizes to assure proper material composition. The process allows us the ability to custom tailor our materials to the customer's specific applications. Carbon analysis and microstructure equipment assures material process and control.


Our molding capabilities includes 40 mechanical and hydraulic presses specifically designed for P/M production ranging from 30 to 750 tons. Single and Multi-level presses give us the ability to mold varying complex configurations. Overhead-enclosed powder feeders reduce any possibility of contamination.

Sintering partsSintering

Fourteen electric sintering furnaces, specifically designed for powdered metal production, provide flexibility to meet customer specifications. These furnaces are equipped with electronic monitors, which control temperature, belt speed, and atmosphere. Controlled cooling is also available for sinter hardening applications.


Our sizing capabilities consist of eight presses ranging from 20 to 100 tons. Vibratory bowl feeders allow automatic feeding and provide effective and economical production of parts that require repress or sizing operations for dimensional control.

Surface Finishing

Several types of tumbling equipment are available to deburr and clean parts to meet specified burr free requirements. Various media is used to perform this finishing operation.


Our machine shop is equipped with lathes, grinders, EDM, and various other tool equipment to maintain and produce our own tooling. This shop is staffed around the clock with qualified toolmakers to support manufacturing.

Secondary OperationsMetco Plant

In addition to our machining capabilities, Metco Industries provides oil impregnation, coating, drilling, tapping, honing, grinding, plating, and heat and steam treating. Some of these operations are handled through quality area sub-contractors located in the immediate area.


Metco Industries has the capability, expertise, and experience to provide assemblies to meet specified requirements. Various combinations of powdered metal, screw machining, or synthetic components can be inserted, pressed, brazed, or simply assembled. This service provides customers with an economical alternative. Quality finished sub-assemblies can be shipped directly to the customer for final assembly.

Metco Equipment