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Metco Industries has a very diversified customer base, which includes, but is not limited to: Automotive, Lawn & Garden, Healthcare, Commercial/Industrial, Recreation Vehicles and more.

Metco Industries, Inc.

Metco Industries in St. Marys, PAMetco Industries, Inc. was created on January 1, 1982 in St. Marys, Pennsylvania, the "Powder Metal Capital of the World", with one press, a furnace and a tumbler. Our founders felt there was a need for a quality P/M facility both attentive and flexible to customers' ever changing requirements. Thus Metco began to manufacture and supply quality P/M parts to the OEM and other commercial end users of bushings, bearings, gears and other structural components. Over the past 35+ years Metco Industries has grown from a simple one-press shop to a modern 126,000 square foot facility employing over 240 people.

The last five to ten years have been an interesting and dynamic period for the entire P/M industry. Powder Metal is the fastest growing segment of production-oriented parts in the world. More and more companies are learning the advantages of using P/M parts not only in the automotive and lawn-garden industries but also those industries that are looking for different, repeatable, quality parts to replace other component manufacturing such as machine or die-cast. New material and equipment allows the P/M industry to manufacture components in volume to print specification or near shape configuration, therefore, reducing cost and lead-time.

We are proud of our experienced and friendly workforce we have developed over the past 35+ years. Our production continues to grow by utilizing our in-line facility to efficiently process P/M parts to the highest quality level possible.


  1. To continue providing quality parts and service to meet or exceed our customers' high expectations.
  2. To increase market awareness of P/M and penetration of additional market areas.
  3. To enter into supplier partnership with our customers providing continuous improvement to quality, delivery and service.
  4. To provide harmonious working relationships with our employees, emphasizing safety, quality and production.

Products Manufactured:Metco P/M Parts

Quality steel, copper-steel, low alloy steel, infiltrated steel, air-hardened, sinter brazing, brass, bronze and diluted bronze powder metal parts. Metco also provides sub-assemblies to OEM and after-market companies. Metco present sales are approximately 45% automotive, 25% lawn and garden, 20% commercial, 5% recreational vehicles and 5% health care. Metco Industries supplies parts to some major companies such Arctic Cat, Black & Decker, Bobcat, Husqvarna, and John Deere & Co., and many more.


Metco Aerial

The summer of 2016 marked the completion of our new 17,000 sq. ft. phase one building expansion. Initially this area will house our raw material and our product which goes to secondary operations. When phase two and three are completed in a few years, presses and furnaces will fill this area. Metco is well positioned for many years of continued growth.

Metco Industries' sales are focused on customer service and is backed with manufacturing and engineering experience. Our non-union labor force have an excellent relationship with hands-on supervisory and management team. Our facility is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week and includes the following areas which are in excellent condition: