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Your Partner in Powdered Metal


For more information on our products and services and a competitive quote, please contact Sales Manager, Ken Schatz at kschatz@metcopm.com or

Industries Serviced

Metco Industries has a very diversified customer base, which includes, but is not limited to: Automotive, Lawn & Garden, Healthcare, Commercial/Industrial, Recreation Vehicles and more.

Employee Directory

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Dick Buchheit


Dick Buchheit 814-781-3630 Ext. 222 or
814-335-2670 (cell)

Rodney Brennen

VP Chief Financial Officer

Rodney Brennen 814-781-3630 Ext. 241
814-594-2001 (cell)

Ken Schatz

Sales Manager

Ken Schatz 814-781-3630 Ext. 273 or
814-594-2004 (cell)

Jim Wimer

Director of Engineering

Jim Wimer 814-781-3630 Ext. 223 or
814-594-2011 (cell)

Sales Engineer

Dave Zomcik 814-781-3630 Ext. 279 or
814-594-5209 (cell)

Production Manager

Matt Liptak 814-781-3630 Ext. 248
814-335-4230 (cell)

Product Engineer

Mark Young 814-781-3630 Ext. 233 myoung@metcopm.com


Jason Forster 814-781-3630 Ext. 274 jforster@metcopm.com

Quality Engineer

Jill McGowan 814-781-3630 Ext. 283 jmcgowan@metcopm.com

Financial Assistant/AR/AP

Jenny Rettger 814-781-3630 Ext. 221 jrettger@metcopm.com

Customer Service

Shari Wendel 814-781-3630 Ext. 239 swendel@metcopm.com

Customer Service

Diana Spinda 814-781-3630 Ext. 224 dspinda@metcopm.com

Production Control

Toni Zettle 814-781-3630 Ext. 275 tzettle@metcopm.com

Manufacturing Manager

John Lougee 814-781-3630 Ext. 282 or
814-541-0382 (cell)

Tooling Engineer

Sue Hoffman 814-781-3630 Ext. 242 shoffman@metcopm.com

Quality Manager

Joe Emmert 814-781-3630 Ext. 247
814-594-4804 (cell)

Process Engineer

Don Dietz 814-781-3630 Ext. 277 ddietz@metcopm.com

PPAP Technician

Sheryl Smith 814-781-3630 Ext. 228 ssmith@metcopm.com

Shipping & Transportation

Peggy Michuck 814-781-3630 Ext. 240 pmichuck@metcopm.com

Facilities Manager

Jeff Herzing 814-781-3630 Ext. 229 jherzing@metcopm.com