Safety Policy

Metco Industries Inc. & Pro Process, LLC. are always striving to ensure all employees are provided with a safe and healthy workplace. Accident prevention is of significant importance and the responsibility of all employees.

Safety is the responsibility of every employee. Employees are encouraged to identify unsafe conditions or acts and report them to their supervisor(s) in order to make our companies a safer place. Management will provide effective training and proper resources to all employees.

We are committed to the safety and health of all our employees. All injuries must be reported immediately. All accidents will be thoroughly investigated.

Our primary consideration is to prevent injuries before they occur and to eliminate as many hazards as we can. There is a safety committee

composed of management and elected employees in which any safety or health considerations are addressed.

Metco Industries had once reached a record of 1500 consecutive safe days. We are very proud of that and are striving to reach and exceed that

number in the future!

Metco Industries has an extensive training program for all new hires. New employees who will be driving forklifts are given forklift training before they are allowed to operate a forklift. All employees receive initial safety orientation training and we do monthly safety trainings in order to keep up with OSHA’s annual training requirements. Some items we train our employees on are emergency action plan, personal protective equipment, lockout/tagout, hazardous communication, ergonomics, and slips, trips, and falls. If it is determined an employee is in need of retraining in a specific area we can take the time to retrain our employees.

Along with all of our trainings, we have a safety committee which is made up of employer and employee representatives. The safety committee meets once a month and members on the committee conduct monthly safety inspections in each department. The inspections help us find any hazards that may be present in order to prevent an accident from happening.

We are committed to safety and want our employees to be safe at home and at work. We want our employees to understand that safety is not an option, but a value they should live by everyday.

Industries Serviced:

Metco Industries has a very diversified customer base, which includes, but is not limited to: Automotive, Lawn & Garden, Healthcare, Commercial/Industrial, Recreational Vehicles and more.


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